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Miller Canfield Global Strategies

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Who We Are

Miller Canfield Global Strategies is the advisory and consulting arm of Miller Canfield, an international law firm based in the industrial heartland of the United States, which assists defense, aerospace, security and industrial corporate and government entity clients in the United States and select foreign jurisdictions. Building on the rich industrial heritage of the law firm, many of our practitioners have more than 20 years of experience counseling international clients in identifying and executing new opportunities and entering new markets.

We differentiate ourselves from other firms with our unique expertise and knowledge of public procurement and offset processes, as well as the development of defense industrial bases, in Central Europe and in the Middle East. This unique knowledge base serves as a platform for new ventures of our clients.

What Distinguishes Us

Whether entering a new market or increasing an entity's presence in existing markets, our services simplify decision-making processes for our clients and increase the chances of success. We provide not only a deep understanding of the local market, but also provide U.S.-centric advice and bridge the gap between a client's U.S.-based legal teams and business teams.

We assist our clients with entry and expansion in international markets through direct sales, merger and acquisitions, and joint ventures and other partnerships overseas to advance their in-country visibility.

The activities of Miller Canfield Global Strategies are overseen by Pawel Chudzicki, leader of Miller Canfield's Aerospace and Defense Industry Team, who has significant experience of representing clients in their activities in Poland and Qatar.

Miller Canfield Global Strategies' consultants, along with external advisors and Miller Canfield attorneys, have worked on numerous high-profile matters in the past decade in furtherance of U.S. government strategies to strengthen security relations with U.S. partner nations.

Miller Canfield Global Strategies works closely with several practice groups at Miller Canfield, including our Export Control Practice and Intellectual Property Practice, to achieve comprehensive and cost-effective business and legal solutions for our clients. 

What We Do

We assist our clients in the many aspects of executing agreements with U.S. government partner nations to: 

Our Industry Partners

To better enable our clients to succeed, we partner with on a case-by-case basis with:

We work with our clients to design and implement bespoke business pursuit solutions based on the combined and highly coordinated efforts of the Miller Canfield Global Strategies team, external consultants retained for a specific project or task, and the lawyers at Miller Canfield to implement and document the project.

Milled Canfield Defense Practice

Miller Canfield's multidisciplinary Aerospace and Defense Industry Team represents domestic and foreign clients in most aspects of their operations, including export controls, trade and customs, public procurement, offsets, negotiating and supervising technology transfers and industrialization programs, arbitration, FDI and cross-border transactions, licensing and governmental approvals, tax incentives, real estate and employment issues. Our experience and deep-rooted relationships give our team an understanding of the legal, regulatory and business issues faced by our clients in this highly regulated sector.

Headquartered in Detroit, Miller Canfield is committed to assisting Michigan in the growth of its modern aerospace and defense industry and continuing its traditions as the Arsenal of Democracy. The region played a crucial role in the defense sector starting during WWII when Ypsilanti Township's Willow Run was a major manufacturer of military airplanes and continued producing 30 percent of the war material generated in the United States before the end of the war in 1945. Miller Canfield is particularly committed to working with the Michigan Defense Center to assist its member companies in their research and development and domestic and global growth.

Through its Washington, D.C., office, Miller Canfield is uniquely positioned to provide legal services to defense, security and aerospace clients in their activities outside of the United States and to select foreign clients advancing their policy interest in the United States.

Over the years, the Miller Canfield attorneys have worked on some of the largest U.S. direct commercial sale and foreign military sale transactions and joint ventures with foreign defense holdings. Our attorneys advised defense and industrial clients on acquisitions and defense procurement, offset regulatory, anti-corruption and infrastructure projects across the world.

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