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Other Professionals

Governmental entities rely on Miller Canfield’s expertise to help them pay for the infrastructure improvements they need to keep their communities thriving.


Miller Canfield has consistently met the needs of municipal drain projects for more than half a century. We have extensive experience helping municipalities use capital improvement or revenue bonds to finance projects under the Drain Code and other financing statutes and have helped municipalities use capital improvement or revenue bonds to fund their drain improvements.

Pooled Financings

We are highly skilled in handling pool financing transactions for governments and 501(c)(3) borrowers. We’ve drafted legislation to create pooled financing authorities and have participated in billions of dollars of transactions for these authorities. We help issuers of pooled financing bonds and notes to navigate the complex federal rules and regulations imposed on these transactions by the Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commissions and Environmental Protection Agency.

Among the transactions in which we’ve participated are:

  • Clean water revolving fund
  • Drinking water revolving fund
  • School loan revolving fund
  • Cash flow borrowings
  • Government borrower equipment financing
  • 501(c)(3) borrower equipment financing
  • Government borrower infrastructure financing

Roads, Highways and Public Transportation

We have been involved with the financing of roads, highways and mass transit systems of all types. We assist governmental entities with:

  • Consultation on legal options for borrowing and methods of repayment
  • Preparation of necessary resolutions,  notices, agreements and other documents for authorizing, issuing and marketing the bonds
  • Advice on disclosure documents and obligations under federal securities law in connection with the marketing and sale of municipal securities
  • Analysis of bond-related tax issues
  • Legal opinions on validity and tax exemption issues
  • Analysis of legal accuracy of certain information in offering statements

Solid Waste Management

Every community has garbage. Over the last several decades solid waste management has morphed from landfills and transfer stations to waste-to-energy, materials recycling and composting facilities, bringing value to the communities they save. As technologies evolve, Miller Canfield provides the expertise to finance and manage these facilities, often through public-private partnerships and regional governmental cooperation and authorities.


We provide both financial and general legal services for all of the needs of public utilities, including electric and lighting utilities, and water and sewer utilities, including:

  • Revenue bonds
  • Bond ordinance drafting
  • Bond tax analysis
  • Rebate computation
  • Referendum issues
  • Alternative borrowing strategies
  • Debt service reserve sizing
  • Rating meeting assistance
  • Rate ordinances – Bolt issues
  • Bond covenant compliance issues
  • Utilities services agreements
  • Combining of enterprise funds
  • Investments legal compliance – dealing with losses
  • Michigan treasury qualification issues
  • City charter matters
  • Property ownership

Water & Sewer

Miller Canfield has assisted water and sewer utilities in constructing new water and sewer systems, improving or extending outdated water systems and upgrading waste treatment facilities for decades. We help these utilities with:

  • Analysis and preparation of legal capital funding strategies
  • Development of appropriate ordinance language
  • Federal Tax analysis Tax analysis
  • Bolt Analysis
  • Rating agency meeting assistance
  • Legal opinions on validity and tax exemption