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Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Miller Canfield's arbitration practice offers clients the opportunity to privately resolve their disputes outside of court using rules chosen by the parties. We present and defend domestic arbitrations and international arbitrations. The firm's International Disputes Group has considerable experience presenting and defending international arbitrations on behalf of clients located throughout the globe.

Miller Canfield lawyers have a wealth of experience in the alternative dispute resolution field, whether in arbitration, mediation, facilitation, case evaluation, and any other type of ADR. We understand disputes are a part of doing business, and happen no matter how hard a company may try to avoid them. And with it becoming standard to require ADR in business contracts, companies need lawyers who have been in the arena and understand how to devise successful strategies to resolve the dispute in their client's favor.

Some clients prefer to use ADR instead of the court system for several reasons, including:

  • Confidentiality/no public record
  • Reduced costs
  • Learned fact-finders, instead of a public jury

Miller Canfield attorneys are active in all sides of ADR, including as arbitrators, mediators and facilitators. We understand the process, what works, and – perhaps most importantly – what doesn't work.