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Criminal Defense Litigation

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We represent individuals and companies at all stages of the criminal defense process, from pre-indictment investigation through trials and appeals. We also provide comprehensive and client-centered services to individuals and companies, including:

  • Internal investigations, conducted in response to reports or suspicions of employee wrongdoing and/or in connection with inquiries by government agencies
  • Governmental investigations, including representation in the face of a search warrant or a grand jury or administrative subpoena, and how to comply with the government’s investigation while protecting the interests of the corporations, its officers, directors and employees
  • Criminal defense for clients facing charges in state and federal court, including securities offenses, antitrust violations, fraud, OSHA violations, environmental crimes, embezzlement and bribery charges, bankruptcy offenses, RICO violations, health care offenses such as Medicare/Medicaid fraud, tax evasion, and other crimes
  • Compliance programs, in which we help clients structure processes to detect and prevent criminal activity within the organization, minimizing potential liability should any such activity occur.

Successfully represented relatives of a decedent who were alleged to have caused her drowning death. The claims were litigated in two states before 13 judges and were dismissed.

Successfully represented a large public university in a federal investigation regarding the duty to report crime on campus. Charges were declined.

Conducted an internal investigation for a public university regarding its athletic department

Represented a public university in an internal investigation about sexual assault

Represented a state university medical school in developing a policy regarding the duty to report crime

Represented a national insurance company in two separate investigations of insurance fraud involving hundreds of patients

Conducted an internal investigation for a large domestic insurer regarding alleged kickbacks to procure municipal contracts. All criminal charges were declined by the federal government.

Successfully represented a domestic producer of materials used in the steel industry regarding an EPA investigation. All criminal charges were declined.

Successfully represented a physician investigated for homicide involving a patient. All potential charges were declined.

Successfully represented an individual charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter with not guilty verdicts on both counts

Successfully represented a medical health care provider charged with poisoning and murdering patients at a Veteran’s Hospital. After a six-month federal trial and extended litigation, the case was dismissed

Represented a healthcare CEO charged with 128 counts of healthcare fraud, securing a not guilty verdict on all counts

Represented an official of the United States Department of State for allegedly committing perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the first post 9/11 terrorism trial in the United States, securing a not guilty verdict on all charges

Represented a client charged with violation of federal election laws, resulting in a not guilty verdict on all counts at trial

Represented a university professor charged with violating sanctions against Iraq, securing a not guilty verdict on all counts at trial

Represented a national road construction company in connection with a federal criminal antitrust investigation, successfully convincing the Department of Justice not to seek an indictment

Represented a large national insurance company as a plaintiff in connection with allegations of insurance fraud and the submission of false claims

Represented an officer of a Fortune 500 company in a securities action and parallel investigation by the United States Department of Justice and United States Securities and Exchange Commission successfully, convincing the government not to seek an indictment

Represented an individual charged with involuntary manslaughter arising out of a trucking accident, securing a not guilty verdict at trial

Represented one of two brothers falsely accused of felony murder, resulting in the ultimate dismissal of the charges after the client had wrongfully served more than 25 years in prison