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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property protection and enforcement are increasingly vital in today's high-tech economy and global marketplace. To develop and maintain a competitive edge, companies need to maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. They need experienced, creative lawyers to help them develop comprehensive, integrated intellectual property programs tailored to their strategies for competition and growth.

Miller Canfield's IP attorneys have the technical and legal experience, the business acumen, and creative approach to help our clients to compete—both nationally and globally—even in the most demanding and cutting-edge markets. We not only help our clients to identify and protect their most important IP assets, but we help them create and implement strategies for using their IP effectively—whether by protecting income streams through patent enforcement, by helping negotiate deals that generate license revenue or by protecting reputation and market share by policing branding rights. We work with our colleagues and affiliates across the globe to ensure that your technology, your brands, and your other intellectual assets are protected in all of your markets—from North America to Latin America, to the European Union to Asia. Our international reach is wide—we have offices in Canada, Mexico and Poland as well as a growing office in Shanghai, where we have a robust intellectual property practice. And, as a member of The Legal Alliance of the Americas, we have a strong presence in South America.

Our lawyers cover a wide range of technologies. Using our skills and experience, we obtain strong patents on our clients' most valuable inventions and we do so in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We also apply decades of experience in helping clients develop strong names and brands that provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. As importantly, we help clients navigate intellectual property minefields to avoid treading upon the IP rights of others.

We strive to keep our clients out of litigation. But when problems arise, our IP litigation attorneys identify creative strategies for resolving those problems in the most efficient manner possible. We have extensive trial experience in every forum where patent and other IP cases are litigated. Our success stems in part from our ability to present complex technology in simple, clear terms. Most importantly, we always strive—where possible—to short-circuit cases with creative strategies that achieve quick and efficient victories.