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Firm Management


Chief Executive Officer

Michael P. McGeePrincipal
Chief Executive Officer

Managing Directors

Megan P. NorrisPrincipal
Chair, Managing Directors
Employment and Labor Group Leader
Brad B. ArbucklePrincipal
Managing Director
Thomas D. ColisPrincipal
Managing Director
Public Finance Deputy Group Leader
Joseph M. FazioPrincipal
Managing Director
Real Estate Deputy Group Leader
Ann Arbor Resident Director
Amy M. JohnstonPrincipal
Managing Director
Litigation and Dispute
Resolution Group Co-Leader

Chief Operating Officer

David A. RobsonChief Operating Officer

Director of Client Service

Jennifer L. McQueenDirector of Client Service

Hiring Chair

Michelle P. CrockettPrincipal
Diversity and Professional Development Principal

Director of Human Resources

Elizabeth K. NeedlemanDirector of Human Resources

Director of Information Technology

N. Clark CampbellDirector of Information Technology

Director of Library Services

Catherine R. MullaDirector of Library Services