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Miller Canfield attorneys excel at using innovative financings, economic development tools and structures to assist with economic development projects. Public sector participation and financing is a critical component for many economic development projects and our public finance team has the experience to help.

Brownfield Development

Miller Canfield attorneys were the principal drafters of the Michigan Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act. We specialize in all aspects of brownfield redevelopment projects, including:

  • Establishing brownfield redevelopment authorities
  • Implementing or modifying Brownfield Plans
  • Negotiating reimbursement and development agreements with developers
  • Issuing bonds to finance brownfield projects
  • Advising on tax credits available for redevelopment programs.

Industrial and Commercial Development

Miller Canfield has vast experience with industrial development revenue bond (IDRB) financings for various types of solid waste, air and water pollution control and manufacturing projects to benefit private sector projects. We have represented public sector authorities that act as conduits for the borrowing, as well as the private sector and non-profit companies that are authorized to borrow money through tax-exempt financing of certain qualifying projects.

Public-Private Partnerships

Miller Canfield has worked on public-private partnerships long before the term “P3” became a household term. Our attorneys have worked on all aspects of public-private partnership projects from assisting with the agreements between the public and private sector parties, arranging the right combination of public and private financing for a new development, or dealing with the sale or lease of governmental assets. One of our strengths is understanding the delicate relationship between private development and tax-exempt financing to help clients understand their options to obtain the most favorable financing terms.

Tax Increment Financing

Miller Canfield’s experience with all forms of tax increment financing entities extends back to the initial approval of tax increment legislation in the 1970s. We use this financing mechanism for a variety of projects. Whether it is a downtown development project, brownfield project, corridor improvement project or other development project, we can assist your needs.

  • Analysis of the various statutes for legal options and applicability
  • Creation of tax increment authorities of various types (Downtown Development Authority, Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Local Development Finance Authority, Corridor Improvement Authority or others)
  • Assisting with the issuance of bonds or other methods of financing improvements and all related agreements and plans