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Miller Canfield Virtual Access

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Remote Access for Miller Canfield Personnel

We utilize VMware Horizon View client software to connect to the Firm and run a Windows 10 virtual computing session. This will run on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPad, an Android tablet, an iPhone, or an Android phone. We require two-factor authentication for additional security.

Prerequisites for a Virtual Computing Session

  1. Your computer or device must meet a minimum operating system (OS) level.
    1. Windows PC - Windows 7 SP1 (v6.1 build 7601) or greater
      Check your windows version
    2. Mac - OS X v10.14 (Mojave) or greater
      Check Mac Version
    3. iPad, iPhone, Android device - the respective Appstore will indicate the minimum OS level required when you install the app.
  2. You must install the VMware Horizon View client software on the computer or device you will connect with.
  3. You must also be set up with Miller Canfield's MultiFactor Authenticator app.

Q. Where do I get the VMware Horizon View Client software?

Directions for Use

Once you have met the prerequisites, start the VMware Horizon View Client software on your computer or device and use view.mcps.com as the server name. Follow the prompts and take the defaults to get connected.



Miller Canfield Helpdesk Phone Number (24/7) - 313.496.7681

Miller Canfield Remote Support Session