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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting

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The workplace is changing, and it's changing for the better. Employers are increasingly embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across races, age, genders and gender identities, and LGBTQ+ and disability status.

There's a good reason for the change. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it makes business sense. McKinsey & Company reported in 2020 that companies in the top 25% for gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to outperform companies in the bottom 25%, up from 15% five years before.

Our clients often report that they have tried to attract and retain diverse talent. They are good employers and leaders who have stalled as they have tried to take their DEI initiatives to the next level. We support our clients as they work to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization. Focusing on the unique needs of employers, we provide a customized approach, working with organizations every step of the way, whether they have a diversity plan in place already or are just starting out.

We look forward to hearing from employers about how we can assist them with adapting and leading during this exciting time of workplace evolution by providing services such as:


  • Collect workplace data
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Seek patterns of areas for improvement
  • Investigate obstacles to creating a more equitable organization


  • Assist with identifying measurable, attainable goals and key performance indicators
  • Action plan on how to achieve goals and hold an organization and its leaders accountable to meet them
  • Identify tools and methodology to transform an organization


  • Project design and support
  • Adopt best practices
  • Update policies
  • Provide ongoing support, evaluation and recalibration as needed


  • Customized training programs for human resources, staff and management at every level of an organization
  • Topics may include: the business case for diversity; implicit bias; intersectionality; cultural awareness; harassment/discrimination; affirmative action; management skills: employee feedback, discipline and evaluation; building a vocabulary for conversations in the workplace; conflict resolution in the workplace

Investigations, Crisis Response and Litigation Defense

Sometimes, an organization launches its DEI efforts as the result of a crisis or complaint. In those cases, our firm has a long history of helping clients with:

  • Conducting fact-finding investigations to uncover the extent of a problem
  • Assisting the organization in developing an action plan to address it
  • In the most serious cases, building a litigation defense strategy