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Human Resources Counseling and Training

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Employment disputes are often won or lost before a complaint is filed. Employers can be proactive by having excellent employment policies, training, and seeking counsel when difficult situations arise. Our employment and labor team has extensive experience counseling employers on all areas of employment law, including:

  • Employment classification, joint employment and independent contractors
  • Employment applications and the hiring process
  • Executive employment agreements
  • Temporary service agreements
  • Employee handbooks
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Evaluations and performance standards
  • Americans With Disabilities Act and Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Drug testing
  • Social media issues
  • Discipline and discharge
  • Plant closings
  • Voluntary early retirement and other reduction in force programs
  • Severance agreements
  • Record retention issues
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Immigration issues

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In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience providing training on employment issues, whether for individuals on a remedial basis, for managers or particular departments, or on a company-wide basis. Topics covered in training include:

  • Workplace Drug Policies and Enforcement/Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Right-to-Work
  • Protected, Concerted Activity and Social Media
  • Collective Bargaining Strategies
  • Respect in the Workplace and Tips
  • Bullying and Respect in the Workplace: Taking Your Anti-Harassment Policies and Training to the Next Level
  • Conducting Lawful and Effective Investigations into Workplace Harassment and Discrimination
  • Employment Eligibility Verification and Compliance - I-9 and Beyond: What Employers Need to Know
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Recent ADA Amendments
  • ADA, FMLA and Worker's Compensation - You Know the Basics, Now Follow a Case Study to Learn the Ins and Outs
  • Employee Leave Made Easy: A Review of Recent FMLA and ADA and Worker's Compensation Changes
  • Employee Attendance Issues
  • Do the Deferred Compensation Regulations Apply?
  • Reductions in Force - Impact on Foreign Workers and Employer Obligations
  • The Role of Witness Statements in Corporate Investigations
  • Immigration Overview for HR and Legal Professionals
  • Immigration Strategy: Attracting and Retaining Foreign Talent
  • EEO Update
  • Anatomy of a Discrimination Case - From Internal Complaint to the Filing of a Lawsuit or Charge
  • Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policies
  • It's Time for a Human Resource Audit
  • Criminal Investigations and Employee Background Checks
  • Protect Your Competitive Advantage
  • Discipline and Discharge Done Right (For Both Union and Non-Union Employees)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act - The Basics
  • Wage and Hour: Audits of Worker Classification Issues
  • Wage and Hour: Five Critical Ways to Reduce Your Risk
  • Avoiding the Wage and Hour Blues
  • Preventing Embezzlement
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Current Labor Issues for Union and Non-Union Workplaces
  • How to Avoid Papering Over the Cracks: Drafting Tailor-Made Employment and Severance Agreements Right the First Time
  • Electronics in the Workplace: We Can't Live With Them, We Can't Live Without Them
  • Weapons in the Workplace: Best Practices for Providing a Safe Workplace
  • Employee Health and Safety

We also conduct investigations, or advise regarding the conduct of the investigation, when internal or external complaints are made alleging misconduct.