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Significant Changes for Michigan Court of Claims

November 14, 2013

Parties engaged in litigation against the State of Michigan in the Court of Claims will do so under new jurisdictional rules that were signed into law on November 12, 2013. The law, PA 164, moves the Court of Claims from the Ingham County Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals, where cases will be assigned to one of four designated judges. Those judges are Pat Donofrio (Troy), Deborah Servitto (Troy), Michael Talbot (Detroit) and Amy Ronayne Krause (Lansing). Their terms on the Court of Claims end in May 2015.

The new law takes effect immediately.

Under the old Court of Claims rules, all claims against the state (with limited exceptions) were filed with the Ingham County Circuit Court. Under the new law, such claims must be filed with the Court of Appeals. The new law also trumps certain provisions of other laws, such as the Open Meetings Act, that allowed plaintiffs to bring certain actions against the state in circuit courts. Those cases must now be filed with the Court of Appeals as well.

Some key things to know:

Paul D. Hudson