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Company Held Liable for Employee's Posting E-Newsletter on Intranet

August 20, 2003

The United States District Court in Maryland has held a company whose employee posted a subscription-based e-newsletter on the company's intranet liable for copyright infringement. Lowry's New York Stock Exchange Market Trend Analysis is a e-newsletter available by subscription to individuals, not companies or groups. An employee of Legg Mason began routinely posting the newsletter, to which she had an individual subscription, on Legg Mason's intranet. The court rejected Legg Mason's argument that it could not be vicariously liable for its employee's infringing acts.

For more information about online infringement issues, government regulations on e-business or any other E-Business issue, contact your Miller Canfield attorney. This message is for general information only and should not be used as a basis for specific action without obtaining further legal advice.