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USCIS Reinstates Premium Processing Service for All H-1B Petitions

October 3, 2017

USCIS announced it has resumed premium processing for all types of H-1B petitions.

Effective Oct. 3, 2017, employers may request to upgrade pending H-1B petitions with premium processing or file new H-1B petitions using the premium processing service. USCIS guarantees a 15-calendar-day processing time upon receiving an employer’s request for premium processing. If that timing is not met, USCIS will refund the premium processing fee and continue with expedited processing of the application. The current USCIS filing fee for premium processing is $1,225.

USCIS’ announcement will come as welcome relief to employers and employees awaiting decisions on pending petitions or seeking flexibility to change status, change employers, and travel. Contact your Miller Canfield immigration attorney to learn more about eligibility for the premium processing service.