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Michigan’s New Automated Vehicle Legislation: Great Leap Forward, But Ambiguities Need Clarification

January 9, 2017

A package of recently signed Michigan laws will solidify the state’s position as the leader in automated vehicle development. However the four bills, which were signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder on Dec. 9, 2016, contain some ambiguities in areas such as safety on public roadways, and traffic enforcement where there is no human driver, requiring further rulemaking and clarification. Michigan should act swiftly to address these issues to remain at the cutting edge of the automated vehicle industry.

In summary, Michigan’s new legislation represents a bold step forward in spurring the development of automated vehicles in Michigan. Like many bold initiatives, however, an on-going process of clarification and additional legislation and rulemaking is needed to fill in some of the gaps.

Richard Walawender
Richard A. Walawender