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Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: Spotlight on Confidentiality Concerns

February 22, 2024

Generative artificial intelligence (“GAI”) has the potential to revolutionize efficiency and productivity in our day-to-day working lives. But while this technology is becoming more sophisticated by the day, companies should still proceed with caution when using GAI in a workplace setting due to its potential impact on confidential and proprietary information. Almost every workplace houses some type of sensitive or confidential information, such as personnel files, financial data, proprietary and/or trade secret information. 

Corporations and employers should understand the risks of inadvertent disclosure of confidential information that workplace use of GAI may pose, so that they are best prepared to assess and manage those risks. 

Confidentiality Concerns When Using GAI Tools in the Workplace

Tips for Preserving Confidential Information When Using GAI in the Workplace

While each company’s confidentiality concerns regarding GAI will be unique and context-dependent, you may want to consider the following general best practices when using GAI in the workplace:

Please contact your Miller Canfield attorney or one of the authors of this alert if you would like to discuss your specific GAI-related legal service needs.