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Miller Canfield Offers Seminar for Parents of 18-Year Olds in the U.S.

May 5, 2011

Just in time for high school graduations and kids heading off to college, the law firm of Miller Canfield is offering area schools and workplaces its popular, free seminar, “So Your Child is 18! What Now?” for parents of high school students and graduates. The interactive presentation provides legal realities and issues for graduation parties, senior trips, college and more.

Miller Canfield encourages parents to think about:
• The legal realities of having a student who turns 18 and becomes an adult
• How turning age 18 affects medical care, treatment decisions, privacy laws
• The legal responsibilities of parents for the actions of their teen and any damages resulting from their actions
• The difference of a student being treated as a minor or as an adult in the eyes of the law, and what determines that classification
• The responsibilities of a parent hosting a party with minors attending, including the legal and financial consequences of permitting underage drinking

“Although parents often continue to treat 18-year-old offspring as dependents for tax purposes, and provide medical insurance for them as if they were minors, all the rules change with the arrival of that significant birthday,” said Dawn M. Schluter, leader of Miller Canfield’s Personal Services Group. “When children turn 18, they’re considered adults under the law. Every parent should take time to plan for the changed legal realities that accompany this milestone.”

To schedule a presentation at your worksite or school, contact Sandy Bera at 248.267.3345 or