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Miller Canfield, ELA National Survey Shows U.S. Workers Worried Most About Finding Another Job if Unemployed and Spiraling Healthcare Costs

September 12, 2008

More than half of American workers are worried about finding a new job if they become unemployed, followed closely by concerns over their ability to pay for healthcare insurance according to the latest “America At Work” national poll conducted by the Employment Law Alliance, the world’s largest network of employment attorneys.

In the in-depth survey of 1,159 workers, conducted last week after the Democratic and Republican tickets were announced, and just before the U.S. Labor Department reported national unemployment at a five-year high of 6.1%, workers were asked their views regarding a wide range of workplace-related issues, national economic issues, and their preferences between the presidential candidates regarding those challenges.

“The poll results show that after fear of finding another job, financial issues – led by the affordability of healthcare insurance – have American workers on edge.  These highly personal issues are trending as the paramount hot-button election issues,” said labor & employment lawyer Beverly Burns in Miller Canfield’s headquarters in Detroit.

Workers, a mix of full (83%) and part-time (17%) employees all over age 18, ranked their top issues among a group of eight workplace challenges presented in the poll, conducted for ELA by the market research firm Reed Group, of Philadelphia.  The margin of error based on the sample size is +/- 2.9% at a 95% confidence level.  The poll results reveal:

  • 51% are worried about finding a new job if they lose their current one;

  • 45% are troubled by the increasing cost to workers of employer-sponsored healthcare plans;

  • 37% fear losing a job due to poor economic conditions; and

  • 28% are concerned about fewer job opportunities due to outsourcing

    The Employment Law Alliance is the world’s largest integrated, global practice network comprised of independent law firms recognized for their practice in employment and labor law.  There are member firms in all 50 U.S. states, and over 90 countries.  For further information, including access to the survey charts and graphs, visit