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Medicinal Cannabis: A Legal Briefing for Illinois Licensees

April 1, 2015
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CT
Miller Canfield, 225 W. Washington, Suite 2600, Chicago or Via Webinar

Illinois businesses who have received licenses to cultivate and/or dispense medicinal cannabis in the state are invited to this complimentary legal briefing in Miller Canfield’s Chicago office or by webinar. A light lunch will be served.

Miller Canfield attorneys Dionne Hayden, Jeffrey Drake and Larry Woodard will discuss important issues for business owners.  They will cover:

Brand Protection: Names, Logos and Formulas

• How do I build, maintain and protect my marijuana brand?

• Can I protect my marijuana brand by obtaining a trademark?

• How can I protect my proprietary marijuana formula?

• An employee with access to my proprietary formula just quit and is going to work for a competitor – now what?

Effective Employee Agreements, CUMMPPA Compliance and Best Employment Practices

• How do I hire employees that comply with CUMMPPA and other applicable state laws?

• How do I create effective and enforceable employment and non-compete agreements?

• How do I develop state law complaint practices and policies for my employees?

• Employees vs. independent contractors – what are the best practices?

Real Estate Leases, Zoning Issues and Your Neighbors

• Is the sale or cultivation of medicinal cannabis a nuisance, noxious or offensive use under my lease?

• What terms should I negotiate in my lease to allow the sale or cultivation of medicinal cannabis – to avoid issues down the road?

• How do I structure my real estate interest to protect assets?

• What zoning and property issues will I confront if purchasing property for distribution or cultivation?

• How do I combat neighbors who may object to a cannabis distribution or cultivation center?

• What operational structures should I implement to avoid landlord or neighbor lawsuits?