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Webinar: Use Clauses in Retail Leases

January 8, 2015
1:00 - 2:30 (EST)

Get tips for drafting effective retail lease clauses.

Exclusive use, co-tenancy and radius restriction clauses within retail leases are some of the most controversial and litigated. Without precise drafting, these clauses can create difficulty for all parties, often resulting in expensive litigation and the court's interpretation of the language-that may not have comported with the intent of either the landlord's or tenant's. This live webinar will provide guidance on drafting use clauses in retail leases so that the parties can employ precision in their drafting and ensure that the parties' intent is accurately reflected in the lease. Special emphasis will be on recent case law, using examples from the cases to avoid future ambiguity in drafting. Any person drafting or reviewing a retail lease would benefit from this live webinar.

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