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Webinar: Privacy v. the Employer's Right to Know - Hot Issues that Straddle the Can-Am Border

December 4, 2014
Webinar 3:00- 4:30 (EST)

Miller Canfield is the designated law firm for Michigan and Poland for the Employment Law Alliance, a network of the top labor and employment lawyers in the world.

Workplace privacy continues to be an important focus for employers, particularly those who operate in both Canada and the U.S. While most businesses try hard to protect their employees' privacy and avoid getting involved in their off-duty activities, there are times when an employer is faced with the prospect of legitimately needing to look into or take into account an employee's personal life. This webinar brings together a panel of legal experts from both Canada and the U.S., who will provide practical guidance on how to successfully navigate and resolve these issues in their respective countries.

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