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Using Friend of the Court Briefs to Protect Your Organization

May 9, 2013
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Every term, the Michigan Supreme Court issues precedent-setting decisions that directly impact your bottom line.  The Court resolves important legal questions in a wide variety of areas, including labor and employment law; tax law; insurance coverage disputes; municipal liability; personal injury and medical malpractice; health laws; and corporate liability issues, just to name a few.   

You actually have an opportunity to be heard by the Court as it considers these important issues by filing a "friend of the court" brief, also known as an amicus brief.  Filing a well-written and persuasive amicus brief is a highly-effective way to insure that the Court considers your perspective on these important issues before it sets precedent.  There is a long history of amicus briefs playing a critical role in some of the most significant court decisions of our time.

Miller Canfield attorneys - Clifford Taylor, former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, Matthew Leitman and Paul Hudson - will explain how you can best utilize amicus briefs to influence the Supreme Court's decision-making process.  You will learn how to use an amicus brief to persuade the Court to hear a case; how amicus briefs differ from briefs filed by the parties to a case; what makes an amicus brief influential; and the types of cases in which amicus briefs can be most persuasive.  You will gain a clear understanding of how you can have a voice in the Supreme Court's critical decision-making process.

7:15 AM
Registration + Breakfast

7:30 - 8:30 AM

Bloomfield Hills, MI
Contact Sandy Bera 248.267.3345

There is no cost to attend. Space is limited. Advance reservations required by 5.2.13.