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DBusiness Top Lawyers 2022


Frederick A. Acomb: Arbitration, International Trade Law

Matthew P. Allen: Appellate Law, Litigation - Insurance

Thomas G. Appleman: Mergers & Acquisitions Law, Securities Law

Brad B. Arbuckle: Mergers & Acquisitions Law, Securities Law

Jeffrey S. Aronoff: Public Finance Law

Le Roy L. Asher Jr.: Land Use & Zoning, Litigation - Real Estate

Robin W. Asher: Litigation - Intellectual Property

Kasturi Bagchi: Banking & Financial Service Law

Elizabeth B. Baker: Immigration Law

Marjory G. Basile: Copyright Law, Litigation - Patents

Kimberly A. Berger: Copyright Law, Intellectual Property and Patent Law, Litigation - Patents, Trade Secrets

Karen L. Boore: Energy Law

Joel C. Bryant: Franchise Law

Alexander J. Clark: Real Estate Law

Thomas D. Colis: Public Finance Law

Paul Collins: Environmental Law

Thomas W. Cranmer: White-Collar Criminal Defense

Michelle P. Crockett: Arbitration, Mediation

Gregory D. DeGrazia: Intellectual Property and Patent Law, Litigation - Patents

Katrina P. Desmond: Tax Law

Lawrence M. Dudek: Construction Law, Litigation - Construction, Litigation - Real Estate

Joseph M. Fazio: Real Estate Law

Steven M. Frank: Public Finance Law

Samantha S. Galecki: Arbitration

Caroline B. Giordano: Appellate Law, Copyright Law

Leonard D. Givens: Labor and Employment Law

Gerald J. Gleeson II: Non-White-Collar Criminal Defense, White-Collar Criminal Defense

Gary R. Glenn: Nonprofit/Charities Law, Tax Law

Jonathan S. Green: Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law

Joseph D. Gustavus: International Trade Law

Michael W. Hartmann: Legal Malpractice Law, Professional Malpractice Law

Ronald E. Hodess: Construction Law, Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate Law

Brian H. Holt: Litigation - Real Estate, Real Estate Law

Shawn N. Hopper: Banking & Financial Service Law

Paul D. Hudson: Appellate Law

Joseph C. Huntzicker: Banking & Financial Service Law

Amy M. Johnston: Litigation - Commercial, Product Liability

Lara L. Kapalla-Bondi: Litigation - Banking and Finance, Litigation - Real Estate

Samantha A. Kopacz: Employee Benefits Law, Labor Employment Benefits

Jeffrey L. LaBine: Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Stephen S. LaPlante: Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law

Scott R. Lesser: Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law, Litigation - Banking and Finance, Real Estate Law

Thomas W. Linn: Nonprofit/Charities Law

Steven D. Mann: Public Finance Law

Christina J. Marshall: Product Liability

Michael P. McGee: Banking & Financial Service Law, Public Finance Law

Patrick F. McGow: Public Finance Law

Jeffrey M. McHugh: Tax Law

Robert E. Murkowski: Antitrust Law, Litigation - Antitrust

Megan P. Norris: Labor and Employment Law

Gregory A. Nowak: Tax Law

Samuel Parks: Employee Benefits Law

Wendolyn W. Richards: Nonprofit/Charities Law

Jeffrey G. Richardson: International Trade Law

Steven A. Roach: Banking & Financial Service Law, Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law, Litigation - Banking and Finance

Stephen C. Rohr: Trusts and Estates

Jennifer L. Sabourin: Labor and Employment Law

Larry J. Saylor: Antitrust Law, Litigation - Antitrust

Brian Schwartz: Labor and Employment Law, Litigation - Labor Employment Benefits

Laura H. Selzer: Medical Malpractice Law

Phillip M. Shane: Information Management & Discovery Law

Julianne Cassin Sharp: Immigration Law

Ronald A. Spinner: Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law

Marc N. Swanson: Bankruptcy and Creditor/Debtor Rights Law

Amanda Van Dusen: Public Finance Law

Joseph G. Vernon: Litigation - Commercial, Trade Secrets

Richard A. Walawender: International Trade Law, Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Shusheng Wang: Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Richard W. Warren: Labor and Employment Law

Sherri A. Wellman: Energy Law