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Health Care Reform

July 15, 2010

Health Care Reform ushers in the greatest workplace health insurance changes that any of us have seen or experienced during our professional lives. Yet, the 2100 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (with thousands of pages of explanatory regulations yet to be written and issued) leaves most employers baffled and asking questions, such as “what are our obligations as an employer”? “What impact will reform have on our organization and our employees”? “What are the Act’s implementation dates”? “How does the Act affect employers with workforces of varying sizes”? Our morning program will focus primarily on these types of Title I questions and issues. Because the Act will take effect in stages over many years, we’ll also focus more heavily on those portions of the Act taking affect in the coming months and next few years. To the extent able, we’ll review any pertinent regulations issued as of our July 15 program date. Finally, we’ll reserve some time at the end of the morning for Q&A and open discussion. We hope you’ll join us.

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Western Michigan University Fetzer Center
Kalamazoo, MI

$45; advance reservations required by July 8.

Jana Aho 269.383.5807