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Biotech Institute and Regional CLE Workshop: Collaboration Agreements

October 14, 2009

In this highly competitive industry, strategic alliances are more important than ever. Experiences from managing collaboration agreements (and litigation arising there from) have taught a number of important lessons relating to thoughtful attention to the drafting of specific clauses in the agreement. Our Panel will address keeping development on track with practical governance procedures, the need to memorialize compliance, drafting the dispute resolution paragraph with input from trial counsel, addressing the pros and cons of a dispute resolution ladder, avoiding disputes over control (including control when litigation breaks out against both members of the collaboration), defining roles and responsibilities within the agreement, defining termination rights, and preparing for the possibility of termination. Planning and forethought can go a long way toward removing issues in litigation and reducing risks associated in the management of collaboration agreements.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
San Diego, CA

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