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Second Ransomware Attack Could Be Coming: Are You Prepared?
Image related to Second Ransomware Attack Could Be Coming: Are You Prepared?

A ransomware attack beginning on Friday evening has locked up Windows computers around the globe, and while experts are saying that the initial fire has been put out, victims are still digging out from under the damage and concerns remain that a second attack could be launched at any moment.

The attack utilized tools allegedly taken from the NSA and was made possible by the exploitation of known vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, vulnerabilities for which Microsoft released patches months ago. 

Victims who did not update their systems with the security patch had their computers encrypted by the WannaCry ransomware, which held access to their files hostage until ransom was paid. 

Computers in more than 150 countries have reportedly been affected, with operations impacted in hospitals, banks, manufacturing plants and transportation services around Europe and Asia. The New York Times published an interesting time-lapsed map of the spread of the ransomware, which can be found here

This incident provides the perfect example of how the failure to observe basic sound cyber security practices, such as in this case updating system software when security patches are released, can quickly cripple organizations large and small.

Make sure you are regularly updating your software on your computer and other devices when patches are released.

For more information, here is a story from CNN.

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