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From the CEO: Commitment to Respect and Non-Violence 
Image related to From the CEO: Commitment to Respect and Non-Violence 

Last night, we learned that eight people, including six Asian-American women, were killed in Atlanta. Today, along with many of our AmLaw colleagues, I joined the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s call for a united legal community coming together to reject hate.

I know that in every such instance, there are questions about motive. As with many such tragedies, perhaps the motive will never be known for certain in this case.

But what we do know is that certain populations are more likely to be the victims of violent behavior, and that with each such event, whether the killing of LGBTQ patrons of a nightclub in Orlando, Latinx shoppers in El Paso, or African-Americans around the country, those who identify with the affected group suffer – they are more afraid for their safety, worry more about standing out, and are concerned about the possibility that those around them harbor some of the same discriminatory beliefs that motivated the violence.

Today, we offer our support to our Asian-American colleagues. Every day, we condemn hate crimes and violence against others, and we affirm to our colleagues that they are valued members of the Miller Canfield family and are welcome here.

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