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Miller Canfield has earned its reputation for excellence among the world's law firms. This success has been built on hard work and a tradition of working as a team, blending the talents of many fine attorneys to deliver services of the highest quality. We believe that this team approach allows us to perform our clients' work in a high-quality, cost-effective fashion, while also providing a natural impetus for effective training.

Like any other team, we require members with a wide variety of skills and experience, so we believe it is imperative that we make smart hiring decisions. Many, but not all, of our entry level lawyers come to us through our Summer Associate Program. Among our lateral hires are lawyers who sought us out, those who were recommended to us by others as being of Miller Canfield caliber, and those who we believe add special value to our firm and our clients.

No matter what road they travel to our door, new lawyers are welcomed, oriented to their new firm and practice group, and given the support they need to immediately take on challenging work. Our support system includes orientation, training and mentoring.

Recruitment Contacts

FAQs - View common questions, and their answers, regarding our hiring of entry level and lateral lawyers.  

Q: Does the firm ever hire lawyers at the entry level who did not go through the summer program?

A: Of course. Sometimes, our groups or offices have hiring needs that cannot be met with candidates from the summer program. In those cases, we schedule in-office interviews for those groups or offices, from among entry-level candidates we have identified.

Q: Are all of your lawyers either associates or principals in the firm?

A:No. We hire to meet our clients' needs, and sometimes we need lawyers on a temporary basis, or on a project basis, so we may hire "contract" attorneys to meet such needs. Additionally, since the firm rarely brings a "lateral" attorney directly into the principalship, and since some attorneys remain as valued members of our team outside the principals' ranks, we have established attorney classes such as "Senior Attorney" and "Senior Counsel." And, some of our most highly-valued lawyers, with the sharpest legal minds and the greatest expertise, are those "retired" principals who remain active contributors to the firm as "Of Counsel" attorneys.

Q: Is the compensation set in advance for each of those attorney classes?

A: With the exception of the Associate Salary Schedule, compensation is not set in advance but is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: If I want to be considered as a lateral hire, what does Miller Canfield want to know about me?

A: We want to know all we can, to make an informed decision about whether your experience, practice area, client base, career objectives and values make a good fit with our firm. You should provide us with detailed resume information as well as a description of what you think you will bring to the table at Miller Canfield.